We leave our traces since 2003.

The company founders, Wolfgang and Berta Vogel, have professionally learned and studied the business, starting from the basis. Besides his job as a management employee of big shipping companies, Wolfgang Vogel decided to found a shipping and service company, together with his wife, Berta Vogel, who was doing business in the sales and fairs area at that time. In 2003, a very special and successful service company was founded with the focus on contracting and service logistics, as an off-hand decision.

Vogel International.de has demonstrated to be an ambitious, solution-oriented logistics company since their founding. Here, we want to emphasize that it does not only concern a classical shipping company. No, it refers to a client-oriented and well-established service logistics enterprise, which will please all of your requests as our client.

Due to the experience of many years, the highest customer demands of the leaders of this branch of business have been integrated into our company. In addition to the operative experience, it was important for the founders to enhance the quality control and the operative control of the economic development.

In 2016, Mr. Volker Düring had taken over the company step-wise. He is absolutely familiar with the added value logistics. For him, the company's growth and quality service are particularly important aspects for being prepared for the future.

The company headquarters are located in Ketsch, in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area. Here, the central areas for the control of our core business are managed.

Our in-house drivers and technicians are on the road in Germany, but also throughout Europe.