The one who stops to improve has stopped to be good.

(Philipp Rosenthal)

Officially Approved Transporter

We are guaranteeing a secure supply chain for your goods.


AEO Authorized Economic Operator

Upon request, the status "Authorized Economic Operator" is awarded by the responsible customs authorities to companies participating in the external trade of the European Union.

Generally, the acknowledgement to become an AEO shall ensure a permanently secured delivery chain, i.e. that all persons participating in the customs process (manufacturer, exporter, forwarding agent, customs agent, freight leader, importer) are verified for their reliability by the customs authorities, if possible.


ISO 9001:2015

The quality management standard ISO 9001 is nationally and internationally the most common and significant standard of quality management (QM).

By means of quality management systems, the transparency of our operational processes shall be enhanced, customer satisfaction improved and the error rate decreased, by which the costs are automatically diminished.

There is always room for improvement:


Total Quality Management

TQM is considered as wide-range quality approach which is conceivable for a company. We are striving for the implementation in the forseeable future in combined with the succesful ISO 9001:2015 Certification.


  • T stands for Total, i.e. integration of all co-workers, but it also specifically stands for customers and suppliers, away from the insulated functional area, in the direction of the integral thinking.
  • Q stands for quality, quality of work, quality of processes and quality of the company, from which the quality of service automatically is arisen.
  • M stands for management and finally emphasizes the leadership task "quality" and the leader quality. Insofar, TQM can be considered as leadership instruction from the point of view of science, and as leadership pattern from the companies' point of view.